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In the Light of the Crimson Moon Pt. 3

Crimson AvengersAs Peter arced through the air, letting his subconscious warn him of danger, he let his mind drift back so he could go over what went wrong. The last peaceful thing that had happened was getting back to the throne room with Doctor Strange and reconnecting with the other lycans brought in to defend the Alpha and his family. Tony Stark, the Iron Wolf, was next for his physical, and had even started to take off his suit coat right when the blast hit. It was something that caught everyone in the room off guard as they went hurdling through the air, Peter the only one not sent scrambling to the floor. He instead landed on the wall, and just in time to see a chunk of the masonry hurdle straight for Lady Rahne and the Alpha himself. Peter webbed it up and pulled it off course, sending it into the floor where it impacted with a crunch. Continue reading In the Light of the Crimson Moon Pt. 3


Exiles: Fusion Core #1

Ben Grimm was not having a good day. Things had started off bad when he woke up at 5 AM to discover that the Red Ghost was smashing up the Baxter Building, looking to stealing some unentangler ray that Reed was working on. After helping smash the Red Ghost and his Super Apes he decided to go get some coffee to wake himself up, only to discover that his favorite coffee shop had hiked up the price of coffee by $10. He wouldn’t even get to enjoy his overpriced coffee because as he leaving the shop the street underneath his feet had collapsed as Mole Man came bursting out looking to conquer the surface world. Ben had dropped his coffee when this happened and he took out his annoyances on Mole Man before deciding to go take a walk in Central Park. This went nicely until some villain named Poison Ivy showed up and made the trees in the park start attacking everyone. Ben had never her before but that hadn’t stopped him from deducing that her weakness was repeated blows to the head with her own tree monsters. Continue reading Exiles: Fusion Core #1

In the Light of the Crimsion Moon Pt. 2

Crimson Avengers

Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Wolf, was in the throne room of the Black Knight, the Alpha of the entire Lycansphere, and he was completely speechless. He had been magically transported here with Steve Rogers, the Wolf of America, Tony Stark, the Iron Wolf, and Natasha Romanov, the Shadow Wolfess, by a woman Peter did not know. Now, the whole group was standing there, in the presence of the leader of the Lycansphere, and he looked worried. Continue reading In the Light of the Crimsion Moon Pt. 2

Fantastic Four: Heatwave Chapter 2



Johnny Storm grinned as he ducked and weaved through the streets of New York, flying after a van filled with terrified bank robbers. He flew right up next to the driver’s window and shouted “Hey!” right into the driver’s ear. The driver swerved towards Johnny in surprise and Johnny flew up and out of the way of the van as the passengers shrieked in surprise and fired their guns towards Johnny. Continue reading Fantastic Four: Heatwave Chapter 2

In the Light of the Crimsion Moon: Pt 1

Crimson Avengers

In the Light of the Crimson Moon: Part 1


Another Earth

Peter Parker loved to watch the moonrise, some could say just was much as any other Lycan, but for him it was special. Ever since gaining his spider powers a few years ago, there was something just bewitching about staring at the giant white orb as is climbed over the horizon. It must have been the sense of hope, the feeling of having a grand adventure splayed out in front of him, and all the grand possibilities that represented. If anybody could be so optimistic, it was him, he was the Amazing Spider-Wolf after all. Continue reading In the Light of the Crimsion Moon: Pt 1

Tales of Suspense Tuesday!


Starting this week, we’re going to try a little something fun for you, our followers! Every Tuesday we’ll throw out a story prompt through our Twitter (@marvelforeverff) and you, the reader, supply the story! And if you’re not inclined for writing, throw out whatever you’d like with the theme- art, music, pottery, whatever!

Email the story to or DM a link via Twitter (again @marvelforeverff) by Friday and we’ll feature it on the Tales of Suspense blog!

One suggestion- because of the three day turn around, works between 1000 & 2000 words are encouraged, but not required. Take as much space as you need!

Happy writing!