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Exiles: Fusion Core #1

Ben Grimm was not having a good day. Things had started off bad when he woke up at 5 AM to discover that the Red Ghost was smashing up the Baxter Building, looking to stealing some unentangler ray that Reed was working on. After helping smash the Red Ghost and his Super Apes he decided to go get some coffee to wake himself up, only to discover that his favorite coffee shop had hiked up the price of coffee by $10. He wouldn’t even get to enjoy his overpriced coffee because as he leaving the shop the street underneath his feet had collapsed as Mole Man came bursting out looking to conquer the surface world. Ben had dropped his coffee when this happened and he took out his annoyances on Mole Man before deciding to go take a walk in Central Park. This went nicely until some villain named Poison Ivy showed up and made the trees in the park start attacking everyone. Ben had never her before but that hadn’t stopped him from deducing that her weakness was repeated blows to the head with her own tree monsters. Continue reading Exiles: Fusion Core #1


Fantastic Four: Heatwave Chapter 2



Johnny Storm grinned as he ducked and weaved through the streets of New York, flying after a van filled with terrified bank robbers. He flew right up next to the driver’s window and shouted “Hey!” right into the driver’s ear. The driver swerved towards Johnny in surprise and Johnny flew up and out of the way of the van as the passengers shrieked in surprise and fired their guns towards Johnny. Continue reading Fantastic Four: Heatwave Chapter 2

Fantastic Four: Heatwave Chapter 1


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Victor von Doom made his way through the hallways of his new facility. Months of work were finally coming to fruition as the facility’s construction was so very near completion. Soon it would be time for the real work to begin. Doom’s inspection today was to ensure the final preparations were up to his standards as well as to ensure that everything was ready on his end of the plan. Doom was excited. After all these years he was about achieve his goals and it was all thanks to the one person he had least expected. Doom let a smirk crawl onto his face as he walked through a doorway and into the main chamber of the facility.
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